An on-demand, step by step workflow through the SketchUp Interface, Base Model, Detailed Model, Deliverables in Layout, and Renderings in VRay.


Azmara Asefa

Hi! I'm Azmara Asefa, an architectural designer and career-long SketchUp user. 

You can say I took the road less travelled. I've worked for myself, worked for global architecture firms, and worked in house for some pretty big brands. From all of my experiences, I used the same methodology and the same tools to execute and get the best results on limited resources, many times being a one-woman team.

I understand the go-getters, the DIYers, and the self-starters. This course is designed for you, to get you meaningful results while saving time in the long run. ā€‹


5 Course Modules

You'll learn

  1. How to Navigate the SketchUp Interface
  2. How to Build a Base Model
  3. How to Build a Detailed Model
  4. How to Create Deliverables in Layout
  5. How to Render in VRay


In addition to over on-demand 40 course videos, you'll get access to the course workbook, material and fixture libraries, and weekly Q&A sessions with the course instructor.

Course Workbook

Follow along and build your own models using the video and printable course workbooks.


Gain access to the Materials, Fixtures, Windows + Doors, Cabinets, and Appliances libraries.

Q&A Sessions

Watch the weekly sessions where your questions on SketchUp, Layout, and VRay platforms get answered.

"Before going in, I knew the basics of sketch up and when I would build a model, I had no understanding of how to organize a model and feel as if I were "in control" of it instead of it being "in control" of me. After learning Azmara's model building techniques, I now feel like I know how to properly organize a model and feel like I can build a multitude of designs. "

Sam W.
Architectural Designer

"Since I got basic training from Azmara, I have gone wild with more training and experimenting on my own models! The results are amazing! I definitely recommend SketchUp Roadmap."

Anthony J.
Architectural + Interior Designer

"Iā€™m a graphic designer who frequently does 3D modeling for events, displays & packaging design and this class has definitely helped me work efficiently and improve my rendering & presentation decks. This is the perfect class for those who want to level up on their basic / intermediate sketchup modeling and rendering skills. Each lesson is jam-packed with information & tricks to simplify your workflow and take your designs to the next level."

Rina N.
Graphic Designer + Visual Merchandiser

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